Technical point of view

Q: Why GSM?

Because GSM is the de-facto standard world-wide and is being used in most of the countries around the world. It's a reliable and matured technology and has the highest coverage when compared to other communication networks.

Q: What is GPS and how does it work?

Global Positioning System or GPS, can track an individual device fitted with a receiver by combining signals from at least 3 different satellites. GPS was developed by the U.S. military to enable accurate navigation. 24 satellites have been placed in orbit 20.000 km from the earth's centre. GPS satellites are continuously transmitting a radio message containing information including when the data was sent, which satellite sent it and the current reliability of the system.

Q: Why Use RFID for Identification?

Radio Frequency Identity is the most trusted and commercially viable system in use world-wide. RFID for tracking and attendance is a unique concept launched by Genesis in South East Asia's largest defence exhibition, AeroIndia 2009. Genesis has now brought the same technology to make parents, schools and law enforcement feel secure about the safety of their wards.

Q: What if the vehicle is outside the GSM coverage?

Track magic has an industry first on board memory! In a situation of no GSM coverage Track magic stores all the messages in its on-board storage, and forwards them immediately when it's in a good network area.

School point of view

Q: How is TrackMagic different from other?

Motive is to provide an end to end solution rather than providing something which becomes non-implementable in due course of time. Sufficient research has been conducted before coming up with the product which is purely indigenous and therefore any problem whatsoever can be taken care of immediately.

Q: In case a bus runs in 2 shifts, in 2 different routes – would this be taken care of by the system?


Q: Is the data confidential?

The confidentiality is strictly maintained and the data is available only with the school. The school and parents can update the changes whenever required.

Q: What if the system gets faulty?

As the system belongs to us, we will provide substitute till the device is repaired.

Parent point of view

Q: Would the child be allowed entry if for some reason he does not have his RFID card?

Yes, but in that case his attendance will not be marked.

Q: A child who is late for his own bus but tries to board another bus in the same route, does the system accommodate such changes?

The attendance is marked but due to geo fencing feature the parents get an alert.

Q: Some parents do not like to get routine SMS, are they able to get alerts only?

Yes, they can block the routine SMS and only alerts can be sent.

Q: If someday parents/relatives pick or drop the child one way – how would the alert to parents be taken care?

In that case gate pass shall be issued by the school. At the time of dispersal the system will pop up to show the different number of students as compared to the nos. in the morning. The administrator will be able to reconcile the no. with the gate pass issued.